ZVEX Effects Mastotron Fuzz Pedal



Product Details


The Mastotron could be one of the most flexible silicon fuzzes to date. Plug it in and off the bat you've got a thunderous tone with a sub-heavy bass kicking you in the teeth. But it does so much more.

Controls on the Mastotron include and adjustable pulse width, which lets you dial in a jagged, stuttering tone or iron out all the creases into a smooth fuzz sound. There's plenty of fuzz on tap and things can get hectic if you let them. The subs switch selects how many sub lines are added to the low-end of the sound. Tone cuts or adds high-end frequencies to your taste.

Build Quality

ZVEX are known to many as the first boutique stompbox builders. Their eye for detail and tone is almost unparalleled. You can be sure of quality construction and glorious tone when you choose ZVEX.

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