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Pre-Owned Warwick Quad VI


From the days when bass amps had power, punch and a sound that hits you in the chest! This classic amp hand crafted in Germany was a favorite amongst bass players. Its hybrid combination of tube preamp delivers warmth and Mosfet power amp delivers punch & power. 

A powerful 600 watts of power gets the job done. The 12AX7 Preamp tubes provides warmth. The Amp also features an EL84 tube before the mosfet power amp to give full tube amp sounds. 

The Quad VI features Warwick’s 4-position QUADRUMATRIX control. Each position offers a unique preamp-shaped voice with the tone controls shifting to accommodate each. Positions 1 and 2 bypass the EL84 output tube, using only the 12AX7 preamp tubes. Positions 3 and 4 unleash the full potential of the output tube and transformer. Position 2 offers the flattest response, while positions 1 and 4 have more extreme shaping. Two frequency-shift buttons change the two mid controls’ center frequencies. Powerful  LOW BOOST and HIGH BOOST buttons provide additional tone-shaping options. The QUADS simple-looking controls offer a lot of flexibility.

Winner of the BASS PLAYER Magazine Editors Award.

They Said :
The Warwick Quad VI is essentially a big tube amp minus thetransportation and reliability issues. The QUADRUMATRIX preshapes, combined with the powerful tone controls, provide numerous texture and tone possibilities. European products are rarely a bargain in the U.S. due to additional export, shipping, and distribution costs, but the Quad VI is reasonably priced for an amp that offers so much.



400W RMS at 4 OHMS 

Front Panel

  • GAIN Control + LED to adjust the input level.
  • LED Indicator
  • QUADRUMATRIX Control for maximum versatility
  • LOW BOOST  Switch + LED to Boost low frequencies
  • BASS  Rotary control to Cut or Boost low frequencies
  • MID 1 Rotary control to Cut or Boost low-mid frequencies
  • SHIFT 1  Switch + LED to set the operating frequency of Low Mid
  • MID 2 Rotary control to Cut or Boost high-mid frequencies
  • SHIFT 2  Switch + LED to set the operating frequency of High mid
  • TREBLE Rotary control to Cut or Boost highfrequencies
  • HIGH BOOST  Switch + LED to Boost highfrequencies
  • PHONES Headphone inout socket
  • MUTE Switch + LED mutes all the outputs of the Quad except the PHONES socket and
  • simultaneously activates the TUNER OUT socket on Rear Panel). 
  • When the MUTE switch is depressed, the LED shines red. In an operation ready state, the LED shines green.
  • POWER On/Off switch for the Mains Power.
  • MASTER volume.

 Rear Panel

  • GROUND LIFT Switch 
  • TUNER OUT Socket for a tuning device. 
  • LINE OUT Output for connection to an external power stage 
  • DI PRE/POST Switch
  • DI OUT Balanced output
  • EFF MIX control determine the degree to which
  • the effects within the parallel loop affect the signal.
  • SPEAKER OUT : XLR & Speakon

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