Wal MK1 (ex-Rhino) Live AID bass


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This is a really special one!  This Wal bass was created by Ian 'Wal' Waller and Pete Stevens (the original builders of Wal basses) and donated to be used on the Live AID album then to be auctioned at the Live AID 1985 charity gig to raise money for the Ethiopian Famine Relief Fund (a copy of letter from Ian Waller comes with this bass).

This bass was used on the recording and video of '(Feed The World) Do they know it's Christmas Time - Band Aid (1984)'.  John Taylor (bassist from Duran Duran) plays this bass in the video (screenshot in images).

Here is a link to the video where you can see the bass being used by John Taylor:


Later on, this bass was purchased by Rhino (bassist from Status Quo). The bass was originally fretless, and Rhino had it fretted.


Also we've provided a images of the article written by Ben Johnson from Bass Mag featuring this bass.

The bass comes with the original Wal hardcase. 

We're really excited to have such an important piece of musical history in the shop. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

34" Scale length

21 fret neck

Schaller, low gear, heavy duty tuners

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