AKAI Deep Impact



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AKAI Deep Impact SB-1 Synth Bass Processor Guitar Pedal 

This thing looks and sounds great, plus, when a pedal’s endorsee list contains players like Bootsy Collins, Chris Wolstenholme and Paul Turner of Jamiroquai, you pretty much know what to expect: throbbing, guttural filter sweeps with a funk chaser. And yeah, you get that. But you get a pretty bang-on stab at a host of synth patches, including fifths, warbling pads and much more. This pedal has brilliant tracking, and loads of character! Mostly used with Electric Bass, however can be used with other electric guitars too. 


  • This is a used unit. 
  • This unit is in good condition. It shows a small amount of wear from use and age. This includes some small nicks, scuffs and light scratches. 
  • This unit has been thoroughly tested. We can confirm it is 100% functional. All controls work as they should. 
  • This pedal can be powered off a 9V DC Negative Centre power supply. 

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