Trace Elliot GP 12SMX



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Pre-Owned Trace Elliot AH350SM

The Trace Elliot AH 350 SMX bass amplifier features the legendary GP12-SMX preamp section with a 12-band graphic, individual valve and transistor preamp gain controls, separate high and low frequency compression and a balanced DI.

This head is usually requested with one or two Trace Elliot 1048 4 x 10″ 300 watt bass cabinets.

350W amplifier output at 4 ohms.
GP-12SMX preamp section, featuring:
Switchable active / passive input jack.
Input gain control with signal peak LED.
variable valve and transistor pre-amp gain controls.
Pre-Shape 1:+6dB at 50Hz and 2kHz, -6dB at 400Hz.
Pre-Shape 2: +5dB at 100Hz, +3dB at 3kHz and -5dB at 650Hz.
12-band graphic EQ with panel switch, footswitch and master volume control.
balanced DI output, switchable pre- / post-EQ.
variable high- and low-frequency compression.
dedicated tuner output.
Effects send & return jacks.

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