Squier FSR 40th Anniversary Mustang Classic Vibe 60s Competition Stripes



Product Details

Designed by Fender and inspired by 1960s-era Mustang Bass models, the Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Competition Mustang Bass is a cool new take on the classic "student" bass. Featuring a Lake Placid Blue finish with sleek competition stripes, the Mustang Bass has an old-school aesthetic with a host of player friendly features. Despite its diminutive size, the ‘60s Competition Mustang Bass packs a punch courtesy of a Fender-Designed alnico split-coil pickup. The short 30" scale length and comfortable "C" shaped neck offer a fantastic playability and will appeal to players with smaller hands. With nickel-plated hardware and a slick vintage-tint gloss neck finish, the '60s Competition Mustang Bass has plenty of old-school character and is a throwback to one of the most influential eras of popular music.

Key Features

  • Poplar Body -  A lightweight tonewood with a healthy resonance and upper mid-range presence.
  • Competition Stripes - These "Go Faster" stripes may not make you play faster but there's no denying how cool they look!
  • Fender-Designed Alnico Pickup - A retro low output split-coil pickup with a full sounding tone and plenty of 'growl'!
  • 100% Fender Designed - Iconic offset design by the most recognisable name in electric guitars!
  • 30" Short-Scale Neck - Feels a lot easier to play than traditional longer scale necks, ideal for smaller players.
  • Vintage Tint Gloss Neck - Looks and feels authentically vintage with plenty of old-school vibe.

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