Sims Super Quad


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Similar to our "Super 8" pickup used to great effect in our Enfield basses, our "Super Quad" pickup exploits
the use of multiple coils in each pickup enclosure.

When connected to our totally unique "TRI-LOGIC" switching system you are ready to select a multitude 
of tones straight from the pickups themselves enabling you to switch between split coil ( red ), 
single coil ( green ) and hum-cancelling ( blue ) with just the simple flick of a switch.

With it's tri colour L.E.D. it is simple to identify and navigate any of the pickup models that you have chosen.

Please take a look at our instructional and demonstrational videos to give you a better idea of how our 
pickup works and see the benefits they can offer you.

With our comprehensive range of fitting aids and tech support it is now possible for everyone to benefit
from this great new pickup technology.

Join us on facebook to share your experiences and tips on how you are getting the very best out of this 
amazing new pickup concept.

Most of all, have fun and get stuck in!
~~ The SimS Team ~~

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