PJB Super Flightcase



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Like its smaller brother the BG-150, this amp has amazing power and performance to weight ratio. Not only it has great acoustic output to play loud, but the bass is incredibly rich and deep with authority and control never heard before in an amp this size.

Sparkling high frequencies and transparent mid-range emanate throughout the stage as well as to the audience, allowing the player to deliver his sound to everyone with clarity and precision comparable to recording from a world class studio.

Model Super Flightcase / BG-300
Power Output 250 W (RMS)
Speaker 6x5” Neo-Power Speakers
EQ 5-BAND Graphic EQ
Input Passive / Active Changing-Over Switch
Output Line Out, D.I.Out, Tuner Out, Headphone Out
Other COMPRESSOR&LIMITER with ON/OFFスイッチ、FX Send/Return
Power 100/240 V
Dimension (W x D x H) 12.5x15.75x20.5 inch / 320(W) x 525(H) x400(D)(mm)
Weight 33 lbs / 15Kg

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