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Pre-Owned Peavey 410 TX


The 410 TX was one of the hottest bass enclosures from Peavey. The 10" drivers were developed specifically just for the 410 TX. To decrease unwanted distortion, Kevlar impregnated cones were used in these drivers. Increased low frequency output is accomplished by using an enlarged vent area. The upper harmonics needed to accurately reproduce sharp, tight transients are handled by the horn loaded tweeter. An L-pad attenuator has been designed in-to the crossover so that the amount of these high frequencies can be custom tailored for any style of playing or particular sound. The 410 TX is an 8 ohm enclosure capable of handling 700 watts of peak program material. This cab has been throughly (and loudly) tested and is in tip-top shape!


  • Frequency Response: 1 meter on-axis swept sine in anechoic environment: 30 Hz - 15 kHz 
  • Power Handling: 350 W RMS continuous 700 W program 
  • Transducer Complement: Four 10" *Kevlar® impregnated woofers One Phenolic dome horn tweeter
  • Box Tuning Frequency: 40 Hz 
  • Crossover Frequency: 3.5 kHz 
  • Impedance, Z: 8 ohms (nominal) 6.9 ohms (minimum) 
  • Input Connections: One 1/4" phone jack 
  • Enclosure Materials and Finish: 3/4" plywood, carpet covered with metal corners and an expanded metal grille
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 25.250" x 24.500" x 17.250" (64.1 cm x 62.2 cm x 43.8 cm) 

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