Origin Effects Cali 76 Bass Compressor MK2


Product Details

Product Description

The latest in a long lineage of Cali76 compressors, the Cali76 Bass Compressor features a full set of studio-style controls, a DRY knob for parallel compression and an improved sidechain that matches the response of the sought-after “large format” Cali76.

Key Features

  • All Analogue – An all-analogue signal path.
  • Fast Compression - Ultra-fast FET compression.
  • Inspired by the Classics - 1176-inspired circuitry is used to make sure the authentic 1176 tone is delivered.
  • Dry Blend Control – Use the Dry Blend control for parallel compression.
  • Monitor your Gain on the Meter - 10-LED bar graph gain reduction meter.
  • Higher Headroom - Voltage increased internally to 24V for high headroom.
  • Ultra-high Input Impedance - Improved dynamic response matches “large format” Cali76.

The Cali76 Bass Compressor also features an HPF control, which improves low-end clarity and preserves natural dynamics on the lower strings.

With a 10-LED gain reduction meter, a pedalboard-friendly enclosure and massive headroom thanks to internally increased voltage, the Cali76 FET Compressor and Cali76 Bass Compressor mark the culmination of over a decade of experience making the world’s finest compressor pedals.

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