Nemphasis Steam Bass Analog Chorus



Product Details

From Nemphasis comes the most classic and beautiful modulation pedal for electric bass -

built without compromise to satisfy the most demanding bass players! The sound is

extremely focused, controlled and dynamic so as not to cloud even the smallest detail of the

player’s technique, but at the same time transparent, fascinating and dreamlike thanks to its

analogue circuitry and the use of a Bucket Brigade device.

Finding THE sound is easy with the controls on the Steam Bass. In addition to the classic

Speed and Depth controls, the Steam Bass has an FX Level knob allowing for fine adjustment

of the effect. This permits just a hint of chorus through to a loaded and vibrant sound.

In order retain bass precision at extremely low frequencies, an “HPF” (High-Pass Filter)

switch allows you to select the frequency point of the high-pass filter with a slope of

6db/Oct on the effected line path: L for less bass frequency attenuation, H for more bass

frequency attenuation.


Technical Details:

-  Scrupulously researched and selected electronic components.
-  True bypass.
-  Full analogue.
-  Jack input/output 6.3 mm or 1/4′′ each side.
-  Three controls allow adjustment of LFO speed and depth and the effected signal level.
-  HPF – High Pass Filter – switch allows the selection of the frequency point for the high-pass filter connected on the effected line path.
-  No click /pop from foot switch.

-  Power supply required 9 volts DC from external power supply unit via centre

  • negative 2.1mm plug or 9V battery. Battery access via four screws on the base of the
  • unit.
-  Power consumption 25 mA (max).
-  Dimensions (mm): 72 X 120 X 55
-  Weight (g): 250 (Without Battery). 

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