Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 2 EQ 2002


Product Details

Another fantastic lightweight MusicMan in a rare Gunsmoke Silver finish.

The following info is from Derek Brooks at Ernie Ball Music Man:

"Serial Number E24941 is a Stingray 2EQ in Gunsmoke Silver with a matching rosewood neck and strings thru the body bridge.

The bass was made in January 2002 and left the factory 1/24/2002 We made approximately 100 or so instruments for our distributor Kanda Shokai in the winter of 2002 to be distributed in the Japan market only.

This particular instrument was part of the run, however was sold to the Sales Manger who worked for Ernie Ball/ Music Man during this time period.

The limited run of 100 basses was only marketed in Japan and has never been offered again. Gunsmoke metallic has been discontinued since 2005."

Chip in the headstock (see pictures).

Includes Music Man Hard Shell Case.

Weight: 4kg/8.9lbs


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