MarkBass Multiamp Midi Pedalboard



Product Details

The MULTIAMP MIDI PEDALBOARD is a powerful tool designed to have a complete and easy control of the Bass Multiamp; it can also be customized for your gear requirements!!!

This sturdy, ultra-compact unit provides two different modes of operation: PROGRAM CHANGE and CONTROL CHANGE, plus allows to have access to TUNER and TAP DELAY functions of the Bass Multiamp, and to add an optional expression pedal.
The BASS MULTIAMP MIDI PEDALBOARD runs on a 9VDC phantom power from the Multiamp via MIDI cable, as well as external power supply.
Thanks to its very small size you can keep it in your Multiamp Bag or in your instrument bag.

Switches: 8
  • EXP Pedal
  • USB (for service/maintenance)
Output: MIDI OUT (5 pins)
  • PROGRAM CHANGE (Normal / Incremental / Bank)
Other Features:
  • Multiamp’s TUNER ACCESS 
  • Multiamp’s TAP TEMPO
Power Requirement: 
  • 9V DC IN - 100mA - power supply (not included) or phantom power via MIDI cable (included)
  • 4.41" / 11.2cm  | 2.05" / 5.2cm | 8.67" / 22cm 
Weight: 1.23 lbs / 560 gr

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