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Product Details

Amp Frame 600
Product code: amp-frame-600
All Amp Frames include two combo speakon/1/4" speaker jacks, effectsloop (parallel), XLR DI out with pre/post EQ switch and ground lift, and tuner out.

Digital power amp
600W @ 4 ohms
370W @ 8 ohms
Custom digital power supply

Preamp module:

Product code: t1m-he
Tube preamp
High-end components
Mute switch
Preamp inspired by the TA 503
The awesome high-end components and gold-plated circuits of the T1M-HE tube preamp module give it an exceptional sound fidelity. Its tube glorifies the harmonics, reproducing every detail of the instrument's tone with exceptional definition, offering tube warmth without distortion. This module also features a handy mute switch.

EQ module:
Product code: eq44s-he
four bands of semi-parametric EQ
top-quality components and gold-plated circuitry
This high-end module features four bands of semi-parametric EQ for premium control of your tone. Gold-plated circuity and the highest level ofcomponents make the EQ44S-HE the equalizer of choice for discriminating "audiophile"bassists.

Master module:
Product code: mvvl-he
Master level control
Line out level control
VLE filter
VPF filter
High-tech bi-band limiter
Gold-plated circuitry
High-end components

This high-end MoMark module features master volume control, the trademark Markbass VLE and VPF filters, and Line Out level control. Gold-plated circuitry and
the highest level of components make the MVVL-HE the master module of choice for discriminating “audiophile” bassists. This module completes the “high end” set of MoMark modules, along with the T1MHE and S1M-HE preamp modules and the EQ44S-HE EQ module

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