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Monique is the all-tube Bass pre-amplifier. Monique is the all-tube Bass DI. Monique is the all-tube active EQ for Bass.


Monique is the perfect front end for the modern Bass Amp rig, and  amazing alone in the studio. 


Monique puts you in control of your sound and your playing experience no matter where in the world you find yourself playing. 

Plug your bass into the front of Monique and connect her up to your favorite bass amplifier (or order your own Monique with the 700 watt amplifier built in) or just take the Balanced Output to a "snake" on stage. It doesn't matter if your amp is an all tube behemoth it takes two friends to carry, or a 2 pound Class D solid state amp. Monique will always reproduce the sound of your bass and your playing technique musically and beautifully.

Your Input "Sensitivity" is fully adjustable from pristine clean to huge bass tone for both active and passive pickups. To add some boost to passive pickups, pull the "Sensitivity" knob out for a 4db gain increase. This "Sensitivity" is more than an input level control. It does a lot for overall tone control. It also matches up your bass to the front end of Monique so that your music will "sing." 

Monique has two outputs: Line Level output (1/4" Single Ended TRS) and a separate XLR balanced DI output that is driven by a beautiful Cinemag transformer. Both outputs have their own separate level controls. The Line Level control is also a push-pull switch. Left in, the Line Level control gives you the original Monique (0db .775volt) output. When you pull the Line Level control out you get a 4db increase in both the Line Level and the Balanced XLR outputs. That gives you up to (+4db 1.25volts) from the Line Out and (-10db .775volts) from the Balanced XLR output. 

The Line Level Output often goes directly to the input jack of your amplifier, but it's 10K output impedance also hooks up extremely well to an Effects Loop Receive, a Power Amp Input, or a Line Input jack.

The DI Balanced XLR output will keep your most critical studio engineer extremely happy. 

The three phase EQ of the Monique is a Baxandall, similar to that used in the Ampeg SVT. This EQ gives you 20db plus and minus from the center of each control. This also means that this is a non-interactive equalizer. 

In the Studio, just like on stage, Monique sounds astounding and plays with a "touch" that will amaze you. She also has exceptionally low noise levels (way lower than any tube Bass Amplifier). 

Monique is light and easy to get to the studio or the gig. You can have her in the gorgeous bamboo cabinet shown on the left, or the all steel "Dove Cage" configuration on the right. For the road warriors among us she is also available as a 2 space 19" rack mount shown below left or the lightweight all aluminum Desktop "Tardis" shown below right. 


Monique is completely hand made here in the United States. The chassis is American made. Even the transformers are American made. All the point-to-point wiring in the Monique is done by hand in Santa Cruz California. There are no printed circuit boards. 

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