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A Journey
Through Subspace

Our journey to push the boundaries of what a drive pedal can be has come to its next stop. This is Subspace: the analogue versatility of Odyssey by Peter Hamstead, optimised for low frequencies.

With it’s re-voiced circuit, enhanced with the addition of a parallel dry control, Subspace allows you to craft your perfect drive sound without losing any character or low frequencies from your original signal. You’ll be taken on a journey from clean boost with tone shaping, to warm vintage valve style overdrive, through to defined distortion and all the way to glitchy oversaturated fuzz. 

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Whilst developed with bass in mind, Subspace took us further than we could have imagined. When used with guitars it opens up a whole range of alternative and inspiring drive sounds, and allows frequency-specific clipping for all instruments including keys, synths and drum machines. When used with bass it offers more than you could believe was possible from a compact analogue drive pedal.

3 Clipping Circuits

Powerful Tone Shaping

Frequency-Specific Clipping

Warm Vintage Overdrive

Defined High Gain Distortion

Parallel Dry Control with x2 Boost

+/-18dB of Treble and Bass Boost & Cut

Mid-Boosted Drive

Glitchy Oversaturated Fuzz

-10dB Input Gain Switch


An all-analogue design by Peter Hamstead. Inspired & voiced by Tim Steer & Simon Francis.

Subspace features an optical OptoKick footswitch from our friends at TheGigRig, for silent and reliable switching. 

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