Fender Jazz bass 1961 (ex-Jim Richardson)



Product Details

This jazz bass was owned by Jim Richardson who played it in many of his gigs during his career as a jazz musician.

Originally Olympic White finish and refinished to black.

Alder body, rosewood fingerboard, maple neck.

Non-original electronics.

Here is a short bio for Jim with specific reference to this instrument:

2 years with Jazz-Rock band IF - 1970-1972
15 years with Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames 1975-1990
Morrisey Mullen (featuring Gary Husband & Viola Wills) - 1977-1978
Stars of Rhythm & Blues Little Willie Littlefield - 1993
Radio Orchestra Sessions - Madelaine Bell, Georgie Fame
Lulu - 1969-1985
Scott Walker - 1969
Theatre Work - Guys & Dolls, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar
Bass player on the original soundtrack for 'The Sweeney'
Inspector Morse
Pictures (starting from stage performance at Capital Radio):
GeorgieFame - CapitalRadio
GeorgieFame - Shepton Mallett 1978
IF - Germany 1971
IF - Whiskey Agogo 1971
Morrisey Mullen, Viloa Wills, Gary Husband 1978

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