ESP LTD Deluxe J-1004



Product Details

Upgraded with 2 pairs of switchable Hot-Rod coils and a John East Uni-Pre.

It has a lovely dark rosewood neck with abalone markers and side dots.

Ash body with golden Quilted maple top and gorgeous binding containing abalone shards. Notice the great top edge contouring (photo) with rear scoop and front curve for arm rest comfort.

Eternal Guitars and Hot-Rods detail on the windings and 3 way switches for each pair of coils. Series/Parallel/Single. 


The Modifications.

*East UK Uni pre - Active /Passive bass pre-amp that simply is world class.

*East UK BLI - battery low indicator tells you when 9v is almost out of power.

Easiest to look at the Uni Pre using the John East link below. See 5 knob version.

Line of 4 goes Vol Blend Mids/sweep Treb/Bass with pull for extra sizzle.

The Treb knob is slightly scratchy when turning it but fine once in position.

The passive tone works in active mode too but for me best turned full on

for best clarity from the active EQ.  



34" scale

Ash body w/quilted maple top and  gorgeous binding with abalone shards.

** Maple neck w/dual graphite reinforcement rods** V advanced for 2002.

Rosewood  fingerboard

38mm nut width

Abalone dot inlays w/model name at 12th fret

Hipshot Gold Ultralite  tuners, satin. Separate Gotoh gold D Tuner , polished.

Hipshot "A" style satin bridge w/string-thru-body option.

21 Frets 

Brass nut 

**String through body or Bridge.

Weight “ 11 lbs 5kg  ( The bass is perfectly balanced whether standing or sitting ) “

 New padded Tourtech gig bag.  

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