Eich Amplification 112XS Cabinet



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Eich Amplification 112XS 1x12 300W Bass Cabinet.

The XS cabinet series is so lightweight that you may almost believe that there is no speaker installed.

Thanks to the specially designed and constructed cabinet utilizing 15 mm poplar plywood an extremely lightweight cabinet is possible. Installed in this lightweight marvel is EICH’s own proprietary high quality 12” ceramic speaker using components and technology of the latest generation. By using a voicecoil with windings on the inside and outside of the coil, it results in a 40% higher continuous power of the loudspeaker, complemented by a noble 4” „CT1“ tweeter. The tweeter reproduces the upper frequency range with superior performance, and response. By selecting one of three settings; “ Off”, “Medium level”, “High level” with its three position switch the “voicing of the cabinet may be “tailored” to the individual taste of the player.

There is an underside steel “tilt back” rod that, when deployed, tilts the cabinet back to 45º, the perfect angle for close proximity monitoring application. 

Because of its thoughtful features, excellent sonic balance of accuracy and “musicality”, its powerful sound, and lightweight portability this cabinet is equally popular among upright- and electric bass players.

With availability in 4 or 8 ohms impedance and the “Ampfixing” feature which guarantees secure/ non- slip placement of EICH heads such the T-series series on top of the cabinet, this smallest EICH cabinet provides the same innovative and intelligent features of its larger “siblings.”

112XS - The high definition dwarf.

  1. High-quality  12“ Ceramic speaker

  2. 4“ CT1 cone-driver

  3. Tweeter setting switch -3 level (“Off”, “Low”, “High”)

  4. Extremely lightweight construction

  5. Classic grille cloth

  6. Two Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack

  7. Non-slip rubber feet

  8. Ampfixing - magnetic connection with Eich Amplifiers

  9. 45º Tilt back steel rod



  1. Model: 112XS

  2. Configuration: 1 x 12” Ceramic speaker

  3. Power RMS: 300 W

  4. Cone driver: 4” CT1 cone driver with tweeter setting switch

  5. Sensitivity: 99 dB

  6. Freq. Response: 40-19.000 Hz

  7. Impedance: 4 ohms or 8 ohms

  8. Connections: Two Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack

  9. Option: Cover

  10. Dimensions: (W x H x D): 
    44 cm x 45 cm x 35 cm / 17.4" x 17.8" x 13.8"

  11. WEIGHT: 12.3 kg / 27.25 lbs

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