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The NeoLine 810 cabinet is capable of handling the most demanding levels of sound. It is packed with the latest innovations in speaker cabinet design, for bass players looking for extraordinary sonic qualities and extrem power. The 8x10" model was originally made for metal bassists Peter Iwers of In Flames and Jonas Björler of The Haunted. Both of them pounding their instruments at 150-200 shows a year, they really need a cabinet built for the road that deliver on every gig, like the EBS NeoLine 810.
Lose Weight; Gain Power
Every EBS NeoLine speaker enclosure is made from truly tonal, lightweight, spruce plywood. Equipped with third generation Neodymium speakers, these cabinets have superior, dynamic range and unbeatable power handling throughout the entire frequency spectrum. This will satisfy even the most demanding bass player when it comes to portability and above all, sound.
Unmatched Performance
The NeoLine Pro speakers are the solution when high power handling, together with unmatched performance is required; all in a wonderfully lightweight cabinet. 
Frequency Response
70 - 18k Hz
108 dB
Power Rating
2000 W RMS
4 ohms
195 liters
124 cm / 49"
58 cm /23"
44 cm / 17"
54 kg / 119 lbs

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