EBS Fafner TD600



Product Details

Pre-owned EBS Fafner valve bass amp head.
The amp has a valve in the pre-amp and a MOS-FET power amp.
Load Impedance 2 - 8 ohms
Continous Output Power 360 W RMS @ 4 ohms
                                           500 W RMS @ 2 ohms
Dynamic Output Power   440 W RMS @ 4 ohms
                                          620 W RMS @ 2 ohms
As well as wide ranging EQ it has an
Effect Loop
Line Out
Tuner Out

The manual is available on the EBS web site and well worth a read to understand what this amp is capable of.

The Cabinet - Made in Sweden

Model: EBS-410. Impedance 4 ohms. Speakon and Jack connections for input and link. Tweeter level control.

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