DHC Bass Faital Pro



Product Details

Here is the DHC Bass Faital Pro.

A 300 Watt bass speaker cabinet, handcrafted in the UK. The main drivers are the highly acclaimed Neodymium Faital Pro which utilises 12" and a 4" full range driver delivering high frequencies. 

The 12" Driver has a 2.5" voice coil, with a response of 60-5000Hz. Whereas the Faital has .75" voice coil, with a response of 90-20000Hz (low frequencies are blocked below 2000Hz).

The cabinet is constructed using 18mm ply throughout with ultra-strong bonded and screwed seams creating a ridged, rattle free cabinets. The handle apertures act as bass vents, making the cabs easy to lift and carry whilst their position allows cooling air to flow to the speaker.

Here are the specifications:

Speaker compliment: 1x12" Neodymium Faital Pro, 220g magnet

Power: 300 watts

Impedance: 8 OHMS

Frequency response: 65Hz - 16.5KHz

Sensitivity: 32dB

Dimensions: H - 45cm, L - 48cm, D - 40cm.

Weight: 14Kg

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