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London manufacturer DB Bass has developed a range of lightweight cabinets with an incredible power to volume ratio, superb handling, focus and onstage clarity in an ergonomic design.

Incorporating many new key elements, these cabinets are totally unique due to the combination of an angled speaker for both forward throw/stage monitoring & the Max-Flo system, delivering air movement usually associated with larger cabs.

Effortlessly cutting through the mix to produce real solid mid & bass tones - these cabinets put the whoomp behind every note for a truly amazing stage performance.

From sound, portability to aesthetics, these cabs really do tick every box.

Sweet top, mid punch, tight low end and at 1100 watts, rivalling most 4x10”s, this is the most powerful 2x10” cabinet on the market today.

The logical design of the embee 210 places one angled speaker closer to the player for better stage monitoring. This also efficiently delivers rear air movement to the Max-Flo system, giving the feel of a much bigger cab behind you.

In addition, an optimally placed tweeter and side mounted attenuator provide full control, for sparkling acoustic presence.

The upright position together with angled handles each side, gives a favourable carrying position through doorways and tight spaces.


Aimed at the player just wanting out and out great tone, incredible power and on stage performance. 

The embee 210 is the only way to go!





Impedance: 8 Ohms (4 Ohms on request)

Speaker: 2x10”

Bass Port: Front

Tweeter: Piezo with attenuator

Power: 1100W RMS

Input: Speakon

Link: Speakon (for connecting an extra cabinet)

Height: 68.5 cm - 26.97”

Width: 57 cm - 22.44”

Depth: 40 cm - 15.75”

Weight: 21 kg - 46.30 lbs


Product specifications are subject to change without notice

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