DB Bass Elbee 10 Series II



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The all new elbee series ll cabinets are extremely compact - weighing only 7kg for the elbee 10 and 8.2kg for the elbee 12, making them the lightest 10 & 12 cabinets on the market today - very manageable for players getting around town. 

Both the cabinets use a 300W, super fast, responsive speaker that is pitched a little higher than the embee range to cover the higher frequencies, while the downward facing ports take care of the low end thump. 

Amazing volume, superb depth of tone and genuine low B string handling.


Stacking with another elbee gives a nice underpinning of low end bass tones & handling to the sound, while still maintaining a very small stage footprint. 

Not to mention you also have a 600W killer rig that won’t kill your back, great for those situations where you need a little extra.

This all goes to make the elbee 10 & 12 very versatile little cabinets.



Impedance: 8 Ohms (4 Ohms on request)

Speaker: 1x10”

Bass Port: Bottom

Power: 300W RMS

Input: Speakon

Link: Speakon (for connecting an extra cabinet)

Height: 28.8 cm - 11.33”

Width: 28.8 cm - 11.33”

Depth: 40 cm - 15.74”

Weight: 7 kg - 15.6 lb

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