Classic Analog bass preamp F17-1



Product Details

The Ampeg Classic is a fully-analog preamp pedal that offers classic Ampeg bass amp tones in a compact pedal format.

Preamp pedals can be a useful addition to your pedalboard. You can use them as always-on pedals and have them as your primary tone (great for ampless rigs), or you can use them to distinctly change your core sound with just the press of a button.

The controls on the Ampeg Classic match the controls you'd find on many Ampeg amps. There's a volume control as well as a standard three-band EQ consisting of Bass, Mid, and High for precise tone shaping. Like the amps, the Ampeg Classic features an Ultra-Hi and an Ultra-Lo switch which you can use to quickly add extra high- or low-end emphasis.

The Ampeg Classic is great for use as your primary preamp sound but is also perfect as a secondary preamp thanks to the true bypass switching which means it won't affect your tone when its not activated.

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