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Eight10 - needed by no-one*, wanted by everyone!


  • Six10, Two10, One10 - the next logical step = Eight10
  • Eight of our unique 10CR250 drivers = epic tone and volume
  • Innovative hybrid enclosure which sounds and feels like a sealed cab but can play loud and bring the thunder like a ported cab
  • Built strong, light and stiff for maximum gigging ease and great tone

*If your guitarists are obnoxiously loud and you always struggle to get heard then you might actually NEED our Eight10.

10CR250 - the ultimate old school driver?

Like our ground-breaking 12XN550, the 10CR has excellent polar response thanks to its cunning cone design but has a softer prettier smoother tone which flatter classic bass sounds, from clean to dirty. It has unusually high volume displacement for a 10" bass guitar driver so it can produce big lows without farting out and its unique voice coil and diaphragm have extended treble response giving clarity without harshness.

Hybrid Resonator Enclosure

This mimics the transfer function of a classic sealed cab - a bump in the upper bass for that fat old school feel plus a shallow 12dB/octave roll-off through the lows for tight well controlled bottom which works well in all kinds of venues and keeps sound engineers happy. The Hybrid Resonator system increases the back pressure on the drivers, reducing their excursion and improving their efficiency whilst increasing maximum bass output thanks to the extra air movement provided by the resonator.

Barefaced Line Array

All eight drivers in the Eight10 work in unison to produce big bass and punchy mids but to improve dispersion only one column of four has treble output - just like a PA line array.

It might seem counter-intuitive but the dispersion of a wave source is inversely proportion to the size of the source vs the wavelength - so side by side 10" drivers can have good dispersion through the lows and lower mids but once you get into the higher mids and treble the lateral dispersion narrows drastically. By only letting higher mids and treble come from one column of speakers we get much better dispersion through those frequencies so you have more consistent tone around the stage and venue. Not something you'll notice in a shop but something that can feel life changing on noisy gigs.

Why this rather than anyone else's 8x10" cab?

See those numbers over on the right? They're not some figment of a marketing department's imagination. They're the Barefaced truth. This is the loudest cab we've ever made - and bear in mind that we have customers replacing top quality 4x12" and 8x10" rigs from other brands with just a 2x12XN cab from us. So how loud do you think an Eight10 using our obscenely potent 10CR drivers would be? Yes, ****ing LOUD!!!

That 25Hz lower frequency range isn't a 'hopeful' random low number - even at such a deep frequency the Eight10 can make as much noise as a chainsaw and cause hearing damage in less than 30 seconds. You have been warned!

You might have heard we make a One10 too - that uses the same 10CR driver and a similar enclosure design, just shrunk down to 1/8 scale. Check out the feedback from One10 owners - and then extrapolate to what an Eight10 can do.


FREE ONE 10 (with every Eight 10)

Oh and it's really light for such a huge cab, has good handles in the right places and wheels and so it's fun to gig even without roadies. But we're bored of talking about how light our cabs are - light is easy, great tone and huge output at the same time is hard, and that's what makes Barefaced special.

How does this compare to 'The Fridge' that everyone knows and many love?

Tonally it's a similar animal but it can produce a lot more bottom if you want it to - comparable to two fridges. It has more clarity in the treble. And the dispersion around the stage/venue is much better so everyone in the band/audience will hear you better too. It's the same height and depth but fractionally narrower (still just the right width for your big valve head) so it'll fit through doorways easier and fit the same flightcase if you're touring. And it weighs about half as much.

10CR vs 12XN models?

The main difference is in how the drivers perform in their respective enclosures:

10CR250 Chart


The 12XN cabs were designed for minimum colouration within their design bandwidth whilst the 10CR cabs were designed to have a flattering colouration for bass guitar and even higher sensitivity. The Eight10 is incredibly efficient which makes it ideal for use with lower powered amps, especially valve (tube) amps - and the flattering colouration also extends to making an overdriven amp sound less gnarly (an amp which is on the limit sounds extremely in-your-face through a 12XN cab!)

If you don't want to haul a big cab like the Eight10 but still need to play loud with a low power amp then you can stack a Two10 on a Six10, or four Two10s or eight One10s to achieve very similar tone and performance.

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