Ampeg Liquifier Chorus



Product Details

With its analog, dual-signal design and versatile sounds, the Ampeg Liquifier chorus pedal is the perfect solution for bassists or guitarists looking to break away from dry tones and find inspiration. The Liquifier can be used for anything from adding a subtle richness to your tone to some truly unusual modulation ideal for funkier and eclectic styles.

The Liquifier is a dual-chorus which means it has two chorus signals, one inverted from the other. Using the controls you can adjust the signals which in turn affects how the signals interact with each other. The result is a deeper and richer chorus sound.

The Liquifier is very easy to use with a simple layout of just Rate, Depth, and Effect Level for shaping your tone. With these controls you can dial it in to subtly colour your tone, or you can go big with long, lush chorus of a grand scale, or you can turn up the rate control for far less conventional sounds.


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