Aguilar DB115



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The DB cabinets have the aggressive midrange to punch through a loud band while maintaining the full-range, musical sound that is the Aguilar signature. Employing 13 ply Baltic Birch, Custom Eminence drivers, and Aguilar's custom horn and crossover the DB cabinets have a clear, focused midrange and extended lows and highs. These cabinets are the first Aguilar cabinets to feature a classic rock look with distinctive color combinations.

This cabinet was designed to have great low end extension but with the punchy midrange that is the signature sound of the DB cabinet line. This combination makes the DB 115 full enough to reproduce the low end of a multi-string instrument while being focused enough to accomodate all playing styles. The DB 115 is one of the few 15``s on the market that makes a good stand alone cabinet or you can pair it up with either the DB 210 or DB 410 for a very powerful full range rig.
Speaker Compliment: One 15" cast frame woofer, 95 oz. magnet
Power Handling: 400 watts RMS
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 32 Hz - 3 kHz
Sensitivity: 96 dB 1W 1M
Dimensions: 21" H, 24 1/2" W, 17 1/2" D
Weight: 71 lbs.


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