Commission Sales

Do you have a bass and/or amp that you want to part with but don’t want the hassle of an online marketplace? If so we can help!

Here at The Gallery we have over 25 years experience in selling bass guitars, amps & accessories and one of the services we offer is commission sales. Here's a few frequently asked questions regarding selling on commission at The Gallery...

Please make sure that the item you wish to commission is clean and in full working order. We may contact you to arrange payment for work that needs to be done to instruments and gear to make them saleable 

1) How much commission do you take?

We take 15% from the sale price. Once the item sells we will contact you to inform you of the sale. Then we make a bank transfer of the funds!


2) What do I get for the 15% commission?

- We have all items on display in our central London shop for customers to try, this takes away the stress of having to arrange viewings etc

- We list each item on our website, on Reverb (which also sends a feed to Google Shopping) and we also post on our social media pages which has a combined following of over 15,000 people

- We take professional, hi-res photos of each item (and that's no quick job I can tell you...)

- Each item is fully insured whilst in the shop and in transit

- Each item is offered with a full complimentary setup 

- Each pre-owned item has a 3 month limited warrantee 

- We offer free UK shipping over £250

- If we know of a potential customer for your item we will get in contact with them

- We have been in this business for over 25 years!


3) Can I advertise my item elsewhere whilst it's for sale on commission?

Yes, you can! However, the item has to be physically in our shop and we kindly ask that you don't send potential buyers to our shop to try it out for you to sell it to them privately!


4) Is there a charge to remove my item from sale?

Nope! There are no admin fees or anything of the sort. If the item is faulty and needs repairs to make it sellable we will make you aware of this before carrying out any work so there are no unexpected costs.
PLEASE NOTE: Commission sales sometimes incur extra charges, please read the information below, which is stipulated on our commission sheets we distribute:

 "Certain additional charges may apply depending on whether the item sells in the shop, or online due to Shopify fees, usually around 2%. Should your bass qualify for free UK shipping, you as the owner of the instrument would be expected to cover this. Any additional shipping insurance will be covered by the purchaser."