Capo Multiple Preamp - D.I.


Product Details


  • four preamps packed in a pedalboard friendly format
  • from crystal cleans to high saturations and infinite shades of overdrive
  • A SIDE , consisting of a clean preamp and two high dynamics saturators ( J , F )
  • Active 3-band EQ and DEEP and BITE buttons to further sculpt the sound
  • B SIDE , a linear FET preamp with a soft and warm character, usable both PRE and POST
  • two D.I. outputs : DIRECT OUT and PREAMP OUT
  • phase inversion on DIRECT OUT to realign the phase of balanced signals
  • LPF to eliminate any unpleasant frequencies generated at high gain levels
  • fx loop PRE and fx loop POST to use pedals before and / or after the CAPO and include their intervention also in the D.I.output

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