ZVEX Effects Vexter Woolly Mammoth Fuzz Pedal



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You might mistake the Woolly Mammoth for an uncontrollable beast, but ZVEX ensures it never strays into wild territory thanks to the half-gated feel. The end result is a thunderous fuzz with clear precision in between notes and phrases.

ZVEX are renowned for their overdrive, fuzz and distortion stompboxes and their sonic prowess is presented perfectly in the Woolly Mammoth. Fatten up your tone across the single-dial EQ, stabbing pinch dial and fluffed-up wool control.


The Vexter range grants access to dozens of boutique ZVEX sounds without the boutique prices. Vexter pedal artwork is silk-screened onto a metal chassis. You don't have to worry about scuffing up any fancy hand-painted designs! Every internal component is exactly the same as equivalent USA-made models, ensuring tonal quality and consistency.

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