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The Zoom BFX-708 is a bass guitar multi-effects unit initially released around 2000. Though the BFX-708 shares the same external design appearance, general features and electronics as the GFX-707, it is important to note that the BFX-708 is not simply a rebadged version of the 707 (Guitar Multi-Effects Processor). The BFX series does however share the compact, versatile and sturdy nature of this range of pedals from Zoom, and of course, inherits some of the same minor problems.

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Some quick background: Having used my Zoom GFX-707 on several occasions for recording bass, I concluded it would be nice to have a purpose built bass multi effects pedal. So when an opportunity came to purchase a Zoom BFX-708 at a good price (see right side panel), I grabbed it. All I can add here is that I'm now wishing I had done that sooner ;-)

I've had the 708 since April of 2016. While there will no doubt be updates to this article, I have yet to encounter any unexpected quirks. In fairness, since I'm very familiar with the Zoom GFX-707 (and 707II), I'm not really expecting any nasty surprises.

So ... Once again this pedal is a hybrid (Analogue/Digital) multi-effects unit. Essentially an Analogue front end followed by Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for Modulation and Delay effects.

First-time users will be pleased to know that the majority of reviews for the Zoom BFX-708 are positive and highly recommend this device.

Unlike the guitar version, this pedal rocks from the moment you plug it in. Unlike its GFX-707 cousin, there is no need for an extended programming learning curve or messing with every other patch because the levels are all over the place. This is real-world plug and play.

Unless of course you want to create your own patches, in which case (as per the GFX-707), you should be patient when using this device. Once you understand the patch structure, these devices are not that hard to set up and use (... and it won't hurt to read the manual ... really!)

Fortunately, the BFX-708 actually comes loaded with a comprehensive collection of ready to use patches. Rather unusual in itself. Making this bass guitar effects pedal particularly good value and easy to use.

(See also Zoom GFX-707 also Zoom GFX-707 II).

An Overview of the Zoom BFX-708

Being a Bass Guitar Multi-Effects unit, the BFX-708 is yet again nothing short of an effects rack in a box. There are two main effects sections divided into Analogue and Digital.

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