Warwick Quad IV



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The new Quad IV amplifier represents the perfect marriage of power and flexibility, packed into a conservatively rated 400 watt rack unit. The "Quadrumatrix" selector switch allows you to radically change the preamp configurations. This special switch does more than just select preset sounds; it actually switches the center frequencies of the EQ, creating warm and smooth sounds (setting 1), straight sounds (setting 2), edgier hard sounds (setting 3) or beastly heavy lows (setting 4). All of the Quad IV``s features combine to create the ultimate 4-in-1 sound chameleon.


400 watts, 19", 2U.
One 12AX& and two ECC83 tubes.
Quadrumatrix dial to alter basic tube characteristics.
Rotary controls for gain, bass, mid 1, mid 2, treble & master out.
Separate low & high boost, mid shift 1 & 2 switches.
Phones jack, mute switch.
Rear panel: groundlift switch, DI out (switchable pre/post), parallel effects loop, tuner out.
Fan cooling (temperature controlled).

Weight: 33 lbs. / 15 kg
Depth: 16.93 in. / 430 mm[/b][/left]

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