Walter Woods MI 200-8 1993


Product Details

This amp is something else, really powerful and super rare. This is the "Amber Light" version of the Walter Woods MI 200-8 from 1993.

The amp has plenty of power with lots of flexibility in the EQ. The amp has two input channels with some really cool stereo features, such as separate XLR DI and Effect Loop for each channel.

This is one of the best amps out there for amplifying acoustic bass, and it sounds great for electric bass as well.


- Pre-volume, Bass, Midrange, Variable (with "Boost" switch), Treble (with "Brite" switch), Master Volume, Pan.


Voltage up: 180-260V, 50-60Hz with use of proper adapter plug.

Voltage down: 90-130V, 50-60Hz.

Output Power Ratings

300 W per channel @ 8 ohms.

450 W per channel @ 4 ohms.

700 W bridges (minimal impedance in bridged mode is 8 ohms).


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