Dallas Tuxedo Bass (Ex Mo Foster)



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The following is from the website of the late, great Mo Foster:

"1960: In the window of the local Wolverhampton music shop — The Band Box — there appeared one day a secondhand bass guitar. It had a long neck, one real pick- up, two knobs, a single cutaway like a Les Paul, and adorning the headstock — for some unexplained reason — was the silver emblem from a Remington typewriter. I had to have it. It was a Dallas Tuxedo and after withdrawing my entire GPO account savings of £16, it was mine: my first real bass.

Not only did the instrument sound wonderful played through my parents' huge Murphy radio, it looked great too. It was the first solid-bodied instrument to appear in our village and I was the first band member to attach the shoulder strap to the body of the instrument itself (a dressing gown cord attached to the headstock had been the previous method). I’ve since found out that a similar model was the first bass guitar to be used by both Bill Wyman and John Paul Jones."


Nut Width: 30mm

String Spacing: 15.5mm

Scale Length: 31"

Weight: 3.38kg

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