Trickfish TR110



Product Details

Intentionally designed to reproduce the complex tonal characteristics of an Acoustic Bass or Guitar, the TF110 or “Perch” as we call it also doubles as a fantastic, low profile light-to medium duty electric bass speaker cabinet. The cabinet features an Eminence 300W (music program), 10” Neodymium speaker and a 100W silk dome, Neodymium tweeter. The 8 Ohm cabinets are constructed from void-free 15mm Baltic Birch and covered in a proprietary, 22 oz. “Sharkskin” vinyl. The cabs feature metal corners and a removable, acoustically transparent, cloth grille that adds a touch of beauty to the sophisticated design of the cabinet. Transporting the Perch is simple and comfortable with the heavy-duty, yet infinitely comfortable leather handle.

A key feature of the Perch is the rugged mechanical “kickstand” that allows the cabinet to be pointed upwards at 45⁰ angle effectively de-coupling it from the floor and reducing unwanted low frequencies that tend to resonate in the cavity of the Acoustic bass. A pair of Perches can be stacked in the traditional fashion for maximum impact (coupling gain) or the top cab can be “perched” upwards to the player’s ear. The cabinets can also be positioned as floor monitors, side by side or arrayed in situations where audio containment is a must, like a pit orchestra or a House of Worship.

TF110 Specifications

Eminence 1 x 10” Neo speaker

HF driver (3000-20,000 Hz) Neo, Silk Dome Tweeter 90⁰ Conical

300 watts peak handling

Custom 2nd order low pass and 2nd order high pass with peak protection

2 x NL2 Combo connectors

Baltic Birch

Dado and Rabbet Joint Construction

8 ohms

Freq. Resp. 50Hz – 18.4kHz

Heavy Duty Leather Handle

Metal corners, rubber feet

16 gauge steel grille

22 oz. sharkskin vinyl

H 13” x W 15.5” x D 12.5”

Weight: 21.6 lbs.

Made in the USA

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