TC Electronic RS210


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Pre-Owned TC Electronic RS210


The TC Electronic RS210 bass cab combines superior tone with innovative features and excellent stacking capabilities.

The team at TC worked with US specialists Eminence to produce custom drivers for the RS210 where the dual-concentric placement of the HF driver inside the top woofer ensures optimal dispersion and audio performance.

The RS210 is highly durable, sporting a rugged design and an anti-scratch finish. Alongside this, the 'anti-skid' sufrace allows cabinest to stick together easier when stacked, freeing up space on stage.

  • Power: 400 Watt
  • 18 mm Plywood
  • Carved rounded hardwood corner pieces
  • 'Skid free' surface treatment
  • Metal grill
  • Rear ported
  • 2 X 10" Eminence custom US drivers
  • Dual Concentric Tweeter (3,3 mm aluminum coil Eminence driver)
  • 2 x Speakon 2 x ¼" jacks
  • High Freq level adjustment
  • 8 ohm impedance
  • Vertical or Horizontal Stacking for optimal monitoring and placement
  • Weight: 19kg/38 pounds

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