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Pre-Owned SWR Workingman's 2x10T


Impedance: 8 ohms

Power Handling Capacity: 200 Watts RMS

Porting: Front/Bottom Slot Port

Sensitivity: 98 dB SPL @ 1W1M

Frequency Response: -3db @ 63 Hz and 18.5 kHz

Dimensions: 23"W x 17"H x 16.25"D

Weight: 60 lbs


Speaker Complement

The Workingman's 2X10T features two 8 ohm, 100 watt, custom designed 10" stamped steel frame drivers wired in series and a single LeSon TLX-1 piezo tweeter (also referred to as "ferro-electric"). The tweeter is intentionally wired out-of-phase.


Input Panel

The Workingman's 2X10T features a recessed metal input panel that includes two parallel 1/4" input/output jacks and a tweeter control switch.


Internal Crossover

The internal (passive) crossover of the Workingman's 2X10T divides the incoming signal into two frequency bands. The crossover point is 5 kHz (frequencies above 5 kHz are sent to the tweeter, frequencies below 5 kHz are sent to the 10" speakers.)




Tweeter Control Switch

The switch found in the upper right area of the cabinet's input panel is the Tweeter Control Switch. This three-position switch is used to adjust the level of high-frequency signal present at the tweeter. The normal (on) setting for this control is “FULL”. Setting the switch to the center position "-6dB" attenuates (lessens) the signal present at the tweeter by 6 decibels (or one half). Setting the switch to the (right) "OFF" position defeats the tweeter (removes the tweeter from the circuit).


Tweeter Protection Circuit

The Workingman's 2X10T does not contain a protection circuit for the tweeter.


User Replaceable Parts:

LeSon TLX-1 piezo tweeter


Suggested Amplifier

Workingman's 2004

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