SWR Mo'Bass (ex-Jethro Tull)


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Pre-owned with flight case rack + pedalboard
click here to learn more about the SWR Mo'Bass  http://support.swramps.com/manuals/pdfs/MoBass_OM.pdf



• Dual independent input jacks compatible with both passive and active instruments • Pre-Amp Volume Control with bi-color (green/red) LED peak clipping indicator
• Variable Limiter/Leveler Control with yellow LED indicator
• Aural Enhancer Control

• Treble Level Control
• Midrange Level Control
• Midrange Frequency Control
• Bass Level Control
• Overdrive "Drive" Control
• Overdrive Level Control
• Subwave Tone Control
• Subwave Mix Control
• Bassynth Filter Control
• Bassynth Resonance Control
• Bassynth Envelope Control
• Bassynth Mix Control
• Mo' EQ Treble Control
• Mo' EQ Midrange Control
• Mo' EQ Bass Control
• Chorus Depth Control
• Chorus Rate Control
• Push switches and unique-colored LED indicators for on/off control of all effects • Internal Effects Bypass Switch with LED indicator
• Left and Right External Effects Blend Controls
• Dual Mode Switch with LED indicator
• Left and Right Master Volume Controls
• Illuminated Neon Power On/Off Switch
• Stereo Headphones Jack
• Screwholes for Rack Mounting (on chassis in each corner)


• Direct Out 1/4" jack
• Tuner Out 1/4" jack
• Mo' Bass Out 1/4" jack
• Direct Out XLR jack
• Mo' Bass Out XLR jack
• Line/Direct Switch for 1/4" and XLR Direct Out Jacks
• Individual 3-position Pad Switches (0 dB, -10 dB, -20 dB) for both Direct Out and Mo' Bass Out XLR jacks • Ground/Lift Switch for both Direct Out and Mo' Bass Out XLR jacks
• Stereo Effects Loop (Left and Right Send and Return 1/4" jacks)
• Internal Effects Bypass Footswitch jack
• Filter Sweep Pedal jack
• "Mo' Control" Footswitch jack (shown as "Ft. Sw. In")
• MIDI Out jack
• Stereo/Mono Power Amp Assign Switch
• Two 1/4" and One Speakon Left Speaker Output jacks
• Two 1/4" and One Speakon Right Speaker Output jacks
• One Speakon Bridged/Mono Output jack
• Two Speaker Fuses (3AG, 10 amp fast-blo)
• One Line Fuse (3AG, 10 amp slow-blo)
• AC Power Cord Receptacle 

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