Source Audio Soundblox Multiwave Distortion



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Are you looking for that traditional distortion pedal with classic rock tone? If so, the new Source Audio Multiwave Distortion pedal is NOT for you.

Yep, you read it correctly. The folks at Source Audio are taking a fresh new approach to distortion and inventing some unique sounds. They’re not looking to emulate or duplicate any distortion pedals of the past — the end result is a pedal that produces a variety of tones that, chances are, you’ve never heard before. They are certainly tones that I’ve never heard before.

The Multiwave Distortion pedal is part of Source Audio’s new line of Soundblox pedals. It features the SA601 56-bit Digital Signal Processor with 24-bit A/D D/A converters that provide excellent sound quality. There are controls for Sustain, Drive, Output and Effect Selection, and this pedal can also be used with Source Audio’s innovative Hot Hand motion sensor controller (which I will get to shortly). The box itself is sleek, sporting a modern design and a cool turquoise finish. With a 4”x7” footprint, the pedal is a little larger than the average stompbox. It also features an active analog bypass, which is fully routed around the DSP and guarantees no signal loss.

Their secret recipe in this distortion pedal incorporates algorithm types that are very different from the standard set. There are 21 varieties of distortion in this pedal, offering diverse and unusual sounds. The Soundblox Multiwave distortion involves a technique that divides the guitar signal input into multiple frequency bands, distorts the bands separately, and then recombines the signal. The result is a distorted guitar tone with an incredible amount of clarity between the notes.

I was eager to try out this Multiwave technique. The traditional rock sound is typically achieved by playing fifths with a distorted tone. I have always tried to incorporate more complex chords into rock guitar playing, but often get frustrated, since these chords are usually reduced to mush when using distortion. The Multiwave Distortion definitely solves that problem. I pulled off a complex G7b13+9 chord through distortion with unbelievable clarity. Not a traditional rock chord by any means, but that’s the point — a pedal like this allows you to carve out your unique sound.

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