Polytone Mini Brute 3


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80s Polytone Mini Brute 3


This versatile jazz amp can be used as a guitar or amp and it seems it was used for both equally.

It was the industry standard for many jazz gigs in the 70's and 80's and makes an excellent clean amp for guitar OR a powerful option with the 15 in speaker for plugging up a stand up bass to get heard over the band.

Treble and Bass Controls
- Three way Bright, Med, Dark Tone Boost Switch
- High (guitar) and Low (bass) 1/4" Input Jacks (although I always preferred the High for my stand up bass)
- Master Volume
- Polarity Power Switch
- 15" speaker
  • 1/4" Main Output Jack
  • 1/4 " Output for Extension Speaker
  • 1/4" 
  • All Original

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