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What would be the most perfect bass amp?

It would have to sound great, of course. But that usually goes along with the words “big” and “heavy”. PJB thus spent more than 3 years researching into making a “perfect amp” for the working musicians from a practical sense. First we developed a revolutionary speaker unit, utilizing our knowledge on powerful and small drivers. The NEO-POWER speaker was born. Lightweight and extremely powerful thanks to the advanced neodymium magnet motor structure, it is exclusively a proprietary PJB transducer!

Then we developed a loudspeaker enclosure so advanced that it has a design patent applied for. Whether you are sitting, standing, being close or far, sound is the same. From the deepest bass tones to the subtlest harmonics, you hear it all! Punchy, deep and precise bass notes that are never muddy, all from a cabinet with footprint of barley 1 cubic foot!

Amplifiers can have a dramatic effect on how the speakers sound. The Flightcase combo houses a powerful and all digital amplifier which embraces a digital switching power supply that operates on any AC voltage worldwide. It has a full bandwidth Pulse Width Modulation PWM and high efficiency output stage. The result is an amplifier so efficient; it does not even require a weighty heat-sink that is often required in high power solid state amps.

We did all these with state of the art technology to bring a revolutionary bass amp in the smallest physical size possible. We call it the flight-case because if it had wings, it would probably fly because it is so light weight. It has just that much power to weight ratio, and most importantly studio quality performance.

Whatever type of bass you play, weigh up the cost, performance, size and weight ……and when you try the PJB Flightcase, you will agree that this is the “perfect Bass Amp” for your gigging or studio needs.

Model Flightcase / BG-150
Power Output 150 W (RMS)
Speaker 4x5” Neo-Power Speakers
EQ 5-BAND Graphic EQ
Input Passive / Active Changing-Over Switch
Output Line Out, D.I.Out, Tuner Out, Headphone Out
Other COMPRESSOR&LIMITER with ON/OFF Switch, FX Send/Return
Power 100/240V AC
Dimension (W x D x H) 12.6x 15.75x 13.6 (inch345) 320x 400x 345 (mm)
Weight 24 lbs / 11.20 Kg

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