Phil Jones Bass D-200 Digital Amplifier



Product Details

Amplifier PJB 150watt, D class amplifier with digital switch mode power supply.

Frequency Response Passive and Active input: 40Hz -20KHz Low Cut Filter: 24dB/Octave at 40Hz.

Maximum Output Power 150 watts RMS

Signal to Noise Ratio Better than 96 dB (EQ off, Volume on Full.)

Impedance Passive Input: >4MΩ/22pF Active Input: >100KΩ/22pF Line Input: >75KΩ Pre Amp Line Out: < 2KΩ Bal. Out: <200Ω

Levels Passive Input: 10mV-2.5V Active Input: 20mV-5V Pre Amp Out: 1.2V FX send: 1V Bal. Line Out: Typical 600mV

Compressor / Limiter Gain: 0dB Compression Ratio: 3dB: 1dB

EQ CENTER FREQUENCIES 50, 160, 630, 2.5K, 12K at +/- 18dB

Included Parts 12 ft AC Power Cord. Padded gig bag with shoulder strap.

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