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Have you ever dreamt about a powerful bass guitar effect combined with a super massive bass synthesizer? You've got it. Here.

Our Future Impact I. is probably the most revolutionary bass gear that was ever designed on the planet.

It performs a huge amount of effect processing blocks (see the algorithm block diagrams at the bottom of this page), and an extensive set of synthesizer blocks: oscillators, filters and envelope generators that sounds like the classic Mini-type monophonic synthesizers with its characteristic huge bass sound. 

But you will find much more than that inside; Future Impact contains signal processing blocks that are more traditional for shaping the sound of an instrument like harmoniser blocks, a distortion and formant filters. Effect processing and synthesizing architectures complement each other in a very flexible way. 

Future Impact I. is able to reproduce all the nine original sounds of the highly reputed Deep Impact pedal from the 1990s

which is not available on the market any more and valued as gold on the second hand market.  

But hardware and the software of the FI I. does not have a slight relationship to the hardware and software of the Deep Impact which was really a precursor for us during the design process. While Deep Impact was based on 20th century technology, the Future Impact I. incorporates a state-of-the-art processing unit that performs operations more than a hundred times faster than its predecessor.

In spite of the huge processing power the device takes only 70 milliamperes from a Roland/Boss type 9V stabilized supply.

While  Deep Impact had nine preset sounds that are not programmable (just the major parameters could be edited on stage), Future Impact I. has 99 program slots that are fully programmable with a desktop PC editor. But we keep legacy so we kept all the major parameters  editable on stage as well.

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