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For about 20 years digital processing is trying to embrace the sound of guitar and bass amplifiers. But yet nothing can compete to the sound and feel of a carefully designed tube amplifier. But this high hurdle has overcome now.

The beauty of the Kemper Profiling Amp is simple. Capture the sound of all your amps inside a single, compact unit. The profiling technology can capture the sonic DNA of virtually any guitar amp and reproduce it as a vivid, living and dynamic model. Any amp, any time, anywhere!

The Kemper Profiler has no predefined amp models and therefore no signature sound. The model is the profile, and each profile was carefully created by its individual maker by carefully setting up the reference amp and chosing the combination and positioning of the microphones. Each profile has undergone the obligatory A/B comparison and passed the judgement of its maker. Each profile will sound like you have plugged your guitar into that same amp in this specific studio situation. And yes, the Profiler will react to your individual guitar and your playing style, as the original amp would have.


If you feel that you do not own first class tube amps worth to be profiled, no problem. There is actually no need to create your own profiles.

The Profiler ships with hundreds of amps and rigs already installed. Profiled by pro musicians and engineers in top studios around the world, the premier selection of factory rigs grants you access to the rarest and finest amps on the planet.
On top, we constantly refine, update and extend what’s to your disposal by licensing additional content and fine tuning the existing catalog. We care for a high versatility of the cultural background of the profiles, even in the same genre.

The Profiler Rack has a 19" enclosure. It offers the same feature set as the Profiler Head. The only difference is the absense of the LED collars around the controls on the bottom line (except gain) as well as the two controls for the MOD section. We 've omited those controls to fit the entire unit into only 3 hight units.r.


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