JK Amplifiers 200w Head



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JK Amplifiers have created possibly the best tube bass head there is? It sounds incredible, and we are yet to find a bass that doesn't sound good through it. It's 200w but as we know with tubes this will put to shame any other non-tube amp with three times the power. You have to come and try it. Here's what they say:

Available in two versions: 100 Watt and 200 Watt. In our opinion they are among the best-sounding amplifiers available on the market. It works on KT88 tubes, has a built-in line out and can be successfully used in the studio as well as on the road. The design prevents the tubes from overheating, and it is built to last for a lifetime.

There is a 3 year warranty on the amp and 6 months on the tubes. 

The head pictured is 2199 GBP for the 200 Watt head, but there is also 100 Watt version available which goes for 1699 GBP. It`s 7kg lighter and a bit smaller. 

The tubes we use on the bass amps are KT88 Electro-Harmonix and Russian military tubes on the preamplifier. 


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