Gus G3 active bass


Product Details

Pre-owned custom-built Gus G3 Four Active bass created by Simon Farmer of Gus Guitars (who designed and built Prince’s final guitar, the Purple Special)

Simon makes ALL the parts for the guitar except the strings and machine heads. The body is a western red cedar core with the neck glued in but this becomes effectively one piece as several layers of carbon fibre are then bonded over the outside continuously from the end of the body to the top of the headstock. The body is finished in a creamy white finish with a bespoke custom paint - there are two very small marks where the paint has been replaced and because it's custom they aren't quite a match but they are on the rear and can't be seen when playing. 

It's a very ergonomic design and is extremely light with no neck dive whatsoever. The neck is made from Cedrela wood which is part of the mahogany family and looks stunning as you can hopefully see in the photos. It's asymmetrical and dead easy to play.

The hardware is also somewhat revolutionary as they are military spec rotary controls that enable you to move between the lipstick pickups (not all G3 Fours have 2 pickups) - the first rotary control is very clever- it acts as a volume control but also by depressing the centre you can move from active to a passive setting if desired.

Featured in the March 2010 edition of Bass Guitar Magazine in which this actual guitar is reviewed. It also acts as an instruction manual for how the controls work and goes into great detail about the electrics, which were designed specifically for this model.

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