Fodera Matt Garrison Imperial Fretless 5


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We can't explain with words how incredible this bass is. Seriously. You have to try it.

This thing is outrageous! As you'd expect from Fodera it is an extremely well made instrument with only the highest quality parts and materials used. 

The ebony board is in great condition and really is lovely to play. 

This one is custom spec so it's different to your 'standard' Matt Garrison model. It has the 19mm spacing instead of the 17.5mm, and it is 34" scale instead of the 33" found on the standard model. In short it is much closer to Matt Garrison's first Fodera he received in 1995.

"Matt approached us in the mid 90s during his quest to find a bass to compliment his unique playing style. Initially Matt was attracted to the Imperial bass, however after numerous modifications were made at his request, the Imperial was transformed into a significantly new design. Here was his 1995 specs for those interested. (Note these are not the specs of this exact bass):

  • 1st Matt Garrison Fodera = 6/8/95 – Buckeye top, Alder body, Ebony FB, 34″ scale, 19.0mm bridge

This bass is truly something special you really cannot deny the extreme love and passion put into this bass, even for Fodera it is a cut above the rest. Everything on it is perfectly put together and wonderfully finished. it all comes together as one of the best basses we have seen in our shop.

The specs of this bass are shown below on a table.

The bass comes with a Fodera red gig bag (very high quality and protective).

Condition Pre-owned
Fingerboard Material Ebony
Body Material Walnut
Finish Natural - Buckeye Burl top
Number of Frets 24
Scale Length 34"
Pickups Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil
Pre-Amp Fodera/Pope Customs 3-band 
Weight 10.6lbs
Bag/Case Included? Fodera Gigbag

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