Fender Jazz Bass 1965 (ex-Yolanda Charles)


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This one just came in, directly delivered by the one and only Yolanda Charles.
This is the best jazz bass she's ever played according to her !
This 65 jazz is a refinished bass, but all original otherwise.
Comes with a new fender case.
Pictures of Yolanda Charles using this bass live are below.
"A little bit of extra information:
The bass was used on BB King's 80th anniversary album on tracks with Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Roger Daltrey, 

For the soundtrack of the ALFIE remake staring Jude Law recorded with Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger 

I recorded a version of We Are The Champions with Queen and Robbie Williams for the film KNIGHT’s TALE with Heath Ledger.
It was used on feature film soundtracks for Hans Zimmer including Boss Baby and HOME."
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