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Pre-owned EBS TD650 with rack ears

EBS TD650 Bass Head Amplifier

The EBS TD650 is a real powerhouse, with incredible sound and features. It is extremely versatile and suited to any large venue, embracing any style of music or playing - be it indie or funk, country or punk, the TD650 will always rock the house.



The EBS TD650 is a compact and powerful package, loaded with Tube, Solid State and MOSFET technology. This no compromise amp will satisfy every demand of the most versatile bass player!

The EBS TD650 bass head includes a three-band equalizer with ‘sweepable’ midrange, notch filter, compressor, bright filter, pure overdrive section and extras that include the unique EBS Phantom Power System™, floating balanced XLR output, character filter, speaker simulator, line out and a serial/parallel effects loop.

The overdrive section can be selected in Tube or Solid-State mode, employing either pure Tube drive or Solid-State tube emulation, to create your sound.


  1. Switchable Tube/Solid State

  2. Drive control

  3. Unique tube suspension system

  4. Compressor/Limiter

  5. Extremely Powerful

  6. 4-band EQ

  7. Serial and Parallel Effects loop

  8. Floating balanced XLR output

  9. Built-in speaker simulator

  10. 9 volt Phantom Power System™

  11. Active Intelligent cooling system

  12. 650 W pure MOSFET power


  1. Input Impedance: 1 Mohms

  2. Frequency Response: 35 - 20.000 Hz

  3. Maximum Compression Ratio (Compressor): 3:1

  4. Tone Controls

    1. Bass: +/- 15 dB @ 100 Hz

    2. Middle: +/-12 dB @ 50 - 3000 Hz, Q=0.5

    3. Treble: +/- 15 dB @ 4 kHz

    4. Bright: -0/+20 dB @ 10 kHz

  5. Drive Control Gain: 0-30 dB

  6. Drive Type: Solid State or Tube (from GrooveTubes®)

  7. Other Features: Character filter, Phantom power, Effects loop and Balanced Output

  8. Minimum speaker impedance: 2 ohms

  9. Dynamic Output Power: 650 W RMS

  10. Continuous Output Power: 530 W RMS

  11. Dimensions (W x D x H) 19" x 14" x 3U (48cm x 36cm x 13cm)

  12. Weight: 12 kg / 27 lbs

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